Who Wound the Sparkly Necklace Around the Dachshund Dogs?

I am dedicating this post to Bethan Blake and her mad dachshund, Rockatansky.   It’s a rather perplexing yet engaging paranormal peccadillo from April 2003 involving a pair of pewter Deco dachshund knife rests and a sparkly necklace. Continue reading “Who Wound the Sparkly Necklace Around the Dachshund Dogs?”

No Self-Respecting Demon Would Want to Live Here Now


The concept of ‘demons’ is not something I ever imagined I’d be  writing about on my blog.  It belongs to Dan Brown blockbuster territory, not the life of the world’s biggest coward, the woman who can’t even look at the word ‘vamp*re’ without throwing up and lapsing into a coma.  However, the ‘demon’ in question is indeed a reference to something that played a significant part in my life last year.    As a result, my blog posts have been in a virtual holding bay since March/April 2015 because I’ve been rather preoccupied.  I’ll explain why. Continue reading “No Self-Respecting Demon Would Want to Live Here Now”

Taking the piss

I was recently sitting in a posh tea shop, drinking an extortionately expensive cup of twig tea.  £2.50 a pop. Twig tea, for goodness sake.  Who’d pay good money to drink that? Clearly, I would.  As I sipped the straw-coloured liquid, it reminded me of a practice I’d taken up a few years ago, a practice that had elicited the same response from all my friends.  “Rita, you’re completely bonkers.”  It was not the first time I’d heard this, and, as it turns out, not the last.  What had caused this uproar?  My confession that I’d just started drinking my own pee. Continue reading “Taking the piss”

She flies like a bird

I meant to add this post last Wednesday, but a severe bout of adrenal fatigue (aka M.E or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) stopped me in my tracks.   It’s a pesky thing and I suspect I’ve had it for at least a couple of decades.  I had it confirmed in 2011 via rather expensive blood tests carried out in a Californian laboratory – or it might have been Newton Abbott.  Wherever.

Continue reading “She flies like a bird”

Who ya gonna call?

My day kicked off a couple of days ago with not being interviewed by the BBC World Service. They’d contacted me regarding my ‘paranormal expertise’, inviting a comment about the breaking news that the new Ghostbusters film has an all female cast. I didn’t receive the message in time and so the conversation never happened. I hasten to add that I’m not globally renowned for my paranormal expertise – or at least, not yet.  I do, however, describe myself as the uncrowned princess of paranormal phenomena because I’ve had so many unusual experiences that definitely don’t fit into the ‘normal’ category.

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Rita casts off with her first blog post

I’m sitting in my neighbour Nick’s front room.  He’s an IT whizz and a chance – and slightly half-hearted comment from me last week – along the lines of, “You know you offered to help me set up a blog?  Are you still up for that?  If so, how about some time in February?”, was met with, “Yep, let’s do it now.  In fact I’ve already started on it.”   I wasn’t expecting such a rapid response, reckoning I’d probably waste most of 2015 waffling on about starting a blog, knowing it’d probably never happen.  And so, here I am, a couple of days later, knuckling down to what seems like an awful lot of technical stuff – he’s linking me to Facebook and Twitter too.  How will I assimilate all this information, being a fluffy technophobe?  Lots of practice, like with most things.

Nick’s beautiful Vizsla, Kyla, is licking my hand as I type this.