Who ya gonna call?

My day kicked off a couple of days ago with not being interviewed by the BBC World Service. They’d contacted me regarding my ‘paranormal expertise’, inviting a comment about the breaking news that the new Ghostbusters film has an all female cast. I didn’t receive the message in time and so the conversation never happened. I hasten to add that I’m not globally renowned for my paranormal expertise – or at least, not yet.  I do, however, describe myself as the uncrowned princess of paranormal phenomena because I’ve had so many unusual experiences that definitely don’t fit into the ‘normal’ category.

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Rita casts off with her first blog post

I’m sitting in my neighbour Nick’s front room.  He’s an IT whizz and a chance – and slightly half-hearted comment from me last week – along the lines of, “You know you offered to help me set up a blog?  Are you still up for that?  If so, how about some time in February?”, was met with, “Yep, let’s do it now.  In fact I’ve already started on it.”   I wasn’t expecting such a rapid response, reckoning I’d probably waste most of 2015 waffling on about starting a blog, knowing it’d probably never happen.  And so, here I am, a couple of days later, knuckling down to what seems like an awful lot of technical stuff – he’s linking me to Facebook and Twitter too.  How will I assimilate all this information, being a fluffy technophobe?  Lots of practice, like with most things.

Nick’s beautiful Vizsla, Kyla, is licking my hand as I type this.